The Most Efficient Data Compression


Our world consumes and produces far more information than our infrastructure is equipped to handle. From the consumer pull to the cloud push, the growth of demand simply outstrips the growth of compute and storage supply. That’s where data compression comes in.

Legacy compression algorithms - which power most of the web today - are limited by 20th-century techniques and logic. They fail to address the needs of today’s tech ecosystem, as these solutions pose several issues:

  • High computation cost, sometimes outweighing the benefit of using compression
  • Poor performance, leading to major bottlenecks
  • Inability for compressed data to be searched or accessed without prior decompression

49% more efficient than any other solution


Introducing Stealth, Cyborg’s novel lossless data compression algorithm. Stealth addresses the costly issues of existing solutions by providing the highest efficiency of any algorithm. Both technically and economically, Stealth is superior.


4 Key Use Cases — Infinite Economic Potential

Stealth’s significant advantage in efficiency can be harnessed for four key applications — all of which result in significant cost savings.

  • Stealth for Database
  • Stealth for Machine Learning
  • Stealth for Data Migration
  • Stealth for Internet of Things
Stealth Applications 2.png