Cyborg Inc.

The Future of Communications

The Future of Communications

Founded in 2013 by Nicolas Dupont, Cyborg Inc. is a rapidly growing telecommunications research and development firm. Cyborg started as a one-man shop in rural Florida, and is now defining the future of global data and communications. Our investors have urged us to say no more – but we’ve already told you more than we should have.


Nicolas Dupont

Nicolas Dupont

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Nicolas founded Cyborg in mid-2013 with the goal of developing the fastest global data network. Years later, Cyborg has achieved this and more.

Oliver Parfitt van Pallandt

Oliver Parfitt van Pallandt

Product Development Consultant

Based in London, Oliver helps Cyborg's growing engineering team and guides product development and deployment endeavors.

Our Technology

Introducing Stealth, the first content-agnostic encoding algorithm. Stealth offers significant compression ratios through advancements in contextual transcoding and parallelism, yielding theoretical information ratios much greater than today’s solutions.

Stealth brings promise to the sprawling demand for data access worldwide. From its prodigious bandwidth to its massive scalability, Stealth is shaping the next era of communications. Our approach allows for growth in urban infrastructure as well as the development of a novel infrastructure in rural areas, starting at the core of all networks: the datacenter.


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